We are the label and publishing company, and all things, for Teitur. We look after his recordings, his songs, his images, streams, merch, gigs, CDs, downloads, scarves and hats etc… and er… tea.


Since 2006, we have helped Teitur to make his music and find a way to get it out to people.

You can find lots of his music in many different ways, with more to come!

Four Songs EP. “Home” from this EP has been used in the McDonalds Hus charity ad in Denmark. If you would like to use some of Teitur’s music in something you are doing, then do get in touch.

We are well known for lovely artwork. This was drawn by Teitur and the package, like most Teitur albums, designed by our good friend Bob McKie at Tomcat Design

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Teitur loves to play live and perform to new audiences. In late 2016 he played 4 countries in South America for the first time. If you would like to see him play check out his tour dates, or if you want him to play near you, then suggest a venue on the contacts page!

Teitur’s native language is Faroese. He made an album in Faroese, with his favourite engineer, Jonas Bloch Danielsen

his is a poster for the stunning Night at The Opera concert, featuring Teitur, band, Orchestra and Choir, which is available on DVD

We commisioned a video for You never leave LA, based on Teitur’s drawings, you can see it here: